Formed in 2008 Adler & Gorda Swiss AG is a company specialising in the management of knowledge-intensive and development projects. While before 2014 our focus mainly fell on safety printing industry and chemical industry technology, in 2014 it shifted towards IT- and energy-related innovation.

Our company serves as one of the European and global integration platforms of institutional and individual energy and IT knowledge, innovation and related R&D activities.

Our Activities

By connecting our integrated knowledge base in energy and the demand for such knowledge – energy companies and state-funded projects – we contribute, as intermediaries, to a more efficient operation of energy companies. Beyond energy production in power stations we are also competent in the fields of renewable energy and the management of its utilisation as well as smart city concepts and e-mobility, on the user side.

Our activities are diverse both horizontally and vertically, from power station innovation, energy transmission and storage to user-side optimisation in the field of energy, while in IT we are focussing on technological innovation.

Our Network

The members of our knowledge base include energy SME’s, employees of institutional and educational knowledge centres, innovative individuals and teams, basic researchers and university lecturers.

Our Services

We undertake the following tasks within the energy sector and the related IT developments:

  • basic research, device development in power station operation and energy transmission,
  • innovation and capability testing,
  • management consulting,
  • manpower agency services for professional workforce,
  • the management of professional training and educational projects.